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Sew a Summer dress for yourself

Get started sewing a beautiful Summer dress – maybe it’s your very first?

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Fine pastel hair accessories

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Make your own jewellery

Get started with creating your own jewellery. It is an easy and creative hobby project. Find everything you need online for jewellery making at STOFF & STIL

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Beautiful interior for your home

Decorate your home with the beautiful rosettes in PAP FAB, which give you an elegant and a festive look. They are easy to make, and they light up everywhere - on the walls or as decoration for the table

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Guide for snap buttons

Snap buttons for clothes are an alternative to regular buttons, and they are practical for closing different DIY-projects. When to use snap buttons and when to use regular buttons is often a matter of opinion and taste

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How to make your own bias tape

You can make your own bias tape, and it is not difficult. We give you some easy ways of making bias tape. Read about it online in STOFF & STIL's guide

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Visual talent with a
​​​​​​​passion for flowers

Florist Karen Kirkegaard shares her creative soul and passion for flowers with us in our Creative Guide

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Flash your personal style

Imagine what you would sew if you could make anything you wished to. Would you create crazy, exuberant designs in your favourite fabrics and unique accessories to express your personal style?

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The magical power of bias tape

Bias tape has a magical power, it fits most fabrics. It is a flexible tape, which stretches. When you sew it on, it follows along the hem of your clothes

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Sewing pattern guide

Interlining is widely used. STOFF & STIL has a sewing guide for you to pick the right interlining for your project

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Interlining guide

Interlining is widely used. STOFF & STIL has a sewing guide for you to pick the right interlining for your project

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Get inspired by others creations

We love it when our customers share their creative successes with us on Instagram. Three good customers told us about a creative project – and what inspired them to make it

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Off to a flying start

Get a beginner's guide to start a creative project

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How to sew facing

Sewing with facing gives you the best result when sewing necklines. STOFF & STIL has put together a video guide on how to sew facing

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A genuine DIY-couple

A genuine DIY-couple is sharing their experiences of the renovation of Obdrupgård. Get inspired and start your own DIY-projects with STOFF & STIL

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