Non-slip pad

Anti-slip underlay can be used for several purposes in the home. It can be placed under rugs to stop them sliding on the floor, and it can also be used under seat cushions or on the table under your tablecloth.

Non-slip pad
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Non-slip surfaces throughout the house

If you have decided to sew a new tablecloth for a festive occasion, or realized the house needs a new blanket in the hallway or living room, don't forget to add a non-slip surface from STOF & STIL. A non-slip surface stops rugs from sliding when the kids rush around at home.  Guests will also benefit when they visit. Non-slip material makes it easy to get around with a vacuum cleaner, and you can place it under the tablecloth at the table, to ensure it doesn't slide and push glasses and plates off the table.  It is a practical way to get a solid, non-slip surface on your table.

Make things solid and secure

Add a non-slip backing to your rugs and household textiles to keep them securely in place. On this site, you will find different kinds for different uses. Larger rugs can be secured with this large, strong surface. A smaller surface can be used under a bath mat. A non-slip surface can be used for much more than just rugs. It can be used under chair cushions, as well as in shelves, drawers and cabinets, wherever you need things to be held solidly. That could be in a cutlery drawer. Instead of cutlery moving around every time you open and close the drawer, a non-slip surface will ensure it doesn’t slide around and get damaged. For this purpose, it might be good to choose a felt-backed surface without holes, which might result in cutlery getting stuck.

Buy non-slip surfaces at STOF OG STIL

There are many advantages of buying non-slip rugs.  You can enjoy brightening up your living room or hallway, and be confident that your family and guests will not slip on them.  At STOF & STIL we would like to help you make the right purchase, and therefore you are welcome to contact our Customer Services with any questions.  Our advisors are ready to answer your call or e-mail and if you order today, you could receive your new, non-slip rug within 3-5 business days and be enjoying it within a week of ordering.