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New idea book filled with lovely fabrics and inspiration for a creative spring. Also, dive into the fantastic selection of linen, jersey, velvet and much more in the basic catalogue. And get an overview of our new and classical patterns in the pattern catalogue.


Prepare to embark on a magical journey with our new Spring collection offering mint, quilt, batic and floating liquid prints as charismatic trends. Not to mention all the mad DIY ideas and new desgins inspiring you to make the most amazing projects. Be inspired by the collection in our idea book and be set for Spring.

ready fOr SELFMADE®?

Our big secret is out with our new idea book and Spring collection: We are changing our name from STOF & STIL to Selfmade. But rest assured, it's still us! The transformation will take place over the course of the year in our shops and online - a journey we're excited to embark on together. Click below if you want to read more about this transformation.​​​​​​​

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