Baby alpaca

A slightly heavier yarn in fabulous 100% baby alpaca. Classic range of colours in natural melange shades. Suitable for sweaters, hats, scarves, cushions and throws, etc. Meterage approx. 60 m/50 g.

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Here at STOFF & STIL you can get a lot of nice yarn for different creative projects. Among all this yarn, you can find an exciting selection of baby alpaca yarn. This is a stronger type of yarn made from 100% baby alpaca. Our selection contains multiple colours in a melange of natural shades.

When to use baby alpaca

Baby alpaca is especially suitable for making sweaters, hats, scarves, pillows and blankets. Baby alpaca weighs 50 grams per 60 metres of yarn. Baby alpaca is extremely soft and nice to wear. Furthermore, it is up to 5 times warmer than regular wool. The yarn has an amazing ability to insulate and keep you warm and the cold away from you. As if that is not good enough, baby alpaca does not itch or scratch like wool and therefore it is the perfect choice for clothes.

Baby alpaca is the way to go if you want to make winter sweaters for the entire family.  Clothing that you make from this yarn will also be light, because the fibres of the yarn contain small air pockets. This makes the yarn light and the clothes comfortable to wear. Baby alpaca is also suitable for weaving and knitting. The yarn can take many different shapes and is available in different qualities as well. This gives you lots of opportunities when picking baby alpaca.

Be inspired

Here on our website there are plenty of opportunities to get inspired. If you would like to do something with baby alpaca yarn, but you do not know what, then you will find inspiration right here. When you click on one type of baby alpaca yarn, then something made with this yarn will appear on your screen. Furthermore, you will see information about the yarn and how to treat it carefully when you wash and dry it. This is all good to know, because you can easily be confused by this sort of thing, like how to wash it. Finally, you can get inspired by our online catalogue, where we have gathered together all the latest trends and ideas for you. At STOFF & STIL we have everything you need for your next baby alpaca project.

Get creative with baby alpaca

As mentioned before, baby alpaca is suitable for making a lot of different things. If you are still in doubt about what to make, then please take a look at our many patterns here at STOFF & STIL. All the patterns are ordered by difficulty level, so that you will not get a pattern too hard. Among our patterns you will find blankets for babies, neck-tubes, flamingos, shirts, cardigans, make-up bags and much more. You can knit or do some crocheting for yourself or something for your family and friends. No matter what you want to make, or for whom, we are always ready to help you here at STOFF & STIL.